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    About us
The import & export trading company of Joseph Haim LTD. was established in 1963 by Mr. Joseph Haim, the founder and the managing - director.
The sspecialization of our company is importing and marketing electrical home equipment for 50 years now. Our brand GoldLine represents us in the local israeli market as well in the market of U.S.A and other countries.The varieties of products we have, were carefully selected from the best leading companies manufacturing electrical home equipment worldwide' with the emphasis on quality.
It is worth mentioning that each and every product undergoes strict standard tests, and includes a warranty certificate in addition to simple and clear operating instructions.
Our marketing system is based on an exclusive method that guarantees a personal and courteous treatment given by our representatives throughtout the country. In addition, our support and service stations, which are spread throughtout the country., serve our wide and varied population of satisfied customers after the purchase of the product, and provide them with response to every question or problem.
The logistical warehouse which is located in Haifa and our skillful team work round the clock in order to be able to provide our customers with a fast and efficient service that goes beyond the conventional .
Our activity in the market proves that GoldLine is not just another products; rather it's a gift of quality, service and credibility, all under one roof.

Contact us :
Joseph Haim LTD.
TEL: 04-8406080, FAX:04-8407080
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